Engineering Design

Value-for-money solutions

Properly designed engineering solutions, by professionals, guarantee optimum performance, safety of users and property, minimal system breakdowns and maintenance costs in form of repairs and re-designs.

AOT’s dedicated and experienced team of engineers will guarantee delivery of “value-for-money” solutions in the following areas;

  • Electrical design and installations for domestic, commercial and industrial facilities
  • Electrical installation inspections and audits – to ensure safety and optimum performance.
  • Value-for-money audits of electrical and power systems projects.
  • Power quality analysis
  • Power backup solutions – generators, batteries and renewable energy powered options
  • Power systems solutions – planning, sub-stations, transmission and distribution systems design
  • Solar PV systems design and installations
  • Solar water pumping solutions
  • Solar Street lighting design and maintenance
  • Engineering documentation – tender documents and evaluation
  • Designing and implementing smart power sub-metering for commercial and industrial users

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