Project Summary

Country: Rwanda
Status: Complete
Client: Swedish International Development Cooperation (SIDA – Rwanda)
Year of Implementation: 10th February to 30th March 2016


  • Assess the underlying basic conditions in Rwanda that supports opportunities for Sida to act as a catalyst in leveraging private and institutional capital for investments in the power sector.
  • Assess if local, regional or international financial institutions are in place in Rwanda with the capacity to offer and manage financial instruments such as guarantees and green bonds or other mechanism that finance energy projects.
  • Identify or propose potential mechanisms/approaches to support innovative ways to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency in both off-grid and on-grid set-ups in Rwanda.
  • Identify and map project developers, private or institutional investors, donors, development banks and other organisations that are currently or plan to be active in the energy sector in Rwanda.
  • Assess and recommend how identified energy projects support the different results identified in the strategy, i.e. how relevant they are as means of acieving the set results.
  • Identify, assess and recommend potential energy projects that fulfil the criterias for Power Africa, including direct and indirect development outcomes for poor women and men.