Training & Coaching

Adequate and Sustainable Energy Supply


energy-access-squareBeing at the frontier of sustainable energy technologies, AOT Consulting is strategically positioned to offer expert advice on a vast array of fields.

Our leadership combines extensive experience in energy development sustainability—particularly in the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy access, climate change and mitigation.

Training and Coaching

training-squareThrough its Sustainable Energy Systems Planning and Design (SESPD) course, AOT Consulting shares knowledge and best practice in the field of energy globally.

AOT Consulting has carried out training activities since its creation. Over the years, the scope of training has broadened to include energy statistics, modelling, technology, policy recommendations and subjects of similar interest.

With the globalisation of energy markets and the consequences of climate change, AOT Consulting has intensified its work with partners, especially in capacity building.

The course offers interactive training across a range of topics. The aim is to establish ongoing working relationships with participating partners and institutions for continual capacity building, as well as two-way information exchange.

Project Planning, Management and Evalutation

project-planning-squareAt AOT CONSULTING, we are committed to working with the customer from the point of idea conception up to project end. We delight in using our streamlined project management processes to ensure that we deliver the best service to our client from start to finish.